Mediumship Development Circle

Join Jill as she leads her Mediumship Development Circle to further expand and explore our Mediumship skills.

Mediumship is a lifetime journey, an ongoing pursuit of excellence. When we gather in sacred circle, the energy permeates to heightened degrees allowing for quicker growth as individual Mediums and the collective group benefits as well.

Mediumship Circles are led by an experienced Medium. Jill is a natural born Medium having conducted thousands of mediumship sessions over the last 13 years. She has been teaching Mediumship Classes since 2013.

The primary focus of this circle is on mental mediumship; however, we will explore physical mediumship from time to time under proper conditions.

The requirements to join this circle are as follows:

Completion of Levels 1-3 of Mediumship Development with Mississippi Academy of Psychic Studies. If Level 4 Mediumship has not yet been completed, the student must be enrolled in Level 4 Mediumship.

If you would like to join our Circle in the future, please enroll in the Mediumship Development Courses. Jill teaches each level once per year. Check out the events calendar for future class dates. Level 1 begins in March of each year.

Only $13/Circle

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Sep 18 2021


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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