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Work with Psychic of the Year, Jill M. Jackson to harness your intuitive abilities.  Jill has put together a comprehensive program for both one-on-one students and virtual students world-wide!


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Intuitive Compass Academy

Have you wanted to study and learn from the Psychic of the Year Jill M. Jackson, yet you do not live close enough to attend her in person classes?

Jill designed her online Intuitive Compass Academy due to the overwhelming requests of her clients and students so they can learn at their own pace in the privacy of their homes!

Within this Academy, students may learn in levels or stages. This provides the best opportunity to truly grasp, understand, and comprehend the vast array of topics.

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Medium Development

Have you begun having visitations from people in the Spirit World?

Are your dreams including messages from people who have crossed over?

Are you a Psychic who has started randomly receiving visitors from the Other Side in your readings?


Psychic & Intuitive Development

Are you wanting to hone and strengthen your Intuitive abilities?

Or perhaps you desire to become a Professional Psychic?

Why is it beneficial for everyone to get in touch with their own intuition? There are so many reasons!


Psychic Kids Academy

Every child is special and unique, however some children come into this world with gifts and abilities that are quite different than what is considered the “norm”. 

This program taught by two-time award-winning Psychic of the Year Jill M. Jackson will assist each child in developing and understanding their individual gifts.



In these workshops, you will earn Reiki certifications. The workshops provide an opportunity to expand your consciousness, fine-tune intuition, and enhance your human energy field significantly in a matter of seconds. 


Mentorship Services

Jill is super excited to now offer both Private and Group Mentorship sessions!

Check out the mentorship page at jillmjackson.com for details.

Upcoming Events

Join us for one of our always expanding Intuitive Compass Academy events, where you can work with Psychic of the Year, Jill M. Jackson.  You'll be taken on a journey into the world of self-awareness and discover intuitive abilities for both adults and kids alike.

Not located near Flowood, MS?  We have virtual classes and events that reach open-minded intuitives world-wide!

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Intuitive Compass Academy

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