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Kids Academy

This exciting life-changing program is geared for psychic kids, empaths, and sensitives ages 5-17.

Every child is special and unique, however some children come into this world with gifts and abilities that are quite different than what is considered the “norm”.  This program taught by seasoned and experienced Psychics and Mediums, will assist each child in developing and understanding their individual gifts.

  • Online Academy Available!

Are you located outside of the Jackson, Mississippi area and have psychic or sensitive kids? We love to travel to work with kids all over the world! 

If you are not local to Mississippi Academy for Psychic Studies, you can choose the online program OR you can email [email protected] and add your name to an interest list of locations for future weekend camps! Make sure you are subscribed to Jill’s free newsletter  and her Facebook page Intuitive Compass Academy so you will be aware of new camp dates as they are announced!


  • Your child feels different somehow and has difficulty “fitting in” with others.

  • Your child “feels” things or energy around them that others do not perceive.

  • Your child knows things before they happen.

  • Your child gives details about other people without prior knowledge of the facts.

  • Your child has an imaginary friend.

  • Your child sees or speaks to relatives or friends who are deceased.


It is our belief that parents benefit from this training just as much as their kids do! We welcome and appreciate parental involvement in our program. 

Each December, the Founder Jill M Jackson and her team of teachers will host a free event to come out and meet us, hear about the program, and decide if what we have to offer will benefit your child. Please check the events calendar for upcoming dates.

The classes meet the 4th Saturday of each month from 2-5:30. Each month will be dedicated to several new topics, with the last hour devoted to a questions and answers forum. Some of the topics we will explore include:

  • Reiki and Energy Healing

  • Communicating with animals

  • Working with crystals and crystal grids

  • Working with Angels and Spirit Guides

  • Confidence without Ego

  • Psychometry and the energy of objects

  • Divination Tools

  • Protecting a sensitives energy field

  • Honoring and respecting our sacred gifts

  • And so much more!

3-Day Psychic Kids Camp

Twice per year, Jill and her team of teachers will host a 3-day Psychic Kids Camp Event at Lake Tiak-O’Khata in Lousiville, MS! This will be a fun intensive weekend for parents and kids to focus on self-confidence, self-awareness, and feeling a sense of belonging while interacting with other gifted kids. 

These weekend intensives are tons of fun, super informative, and a great way for your child to meet others of like mind! 

There will be break out sessions for the parents as well with workshops on how best to parent your gifted child.

The all-inclusive price includes lodging, meals, and all workshops. 

Please check the events calendar for upcoming dates.

The weekend will include these things and more:

  • Learn proper tools to stay grounded and protected.

  • Understand how to work with unseen energy in a positive and playful way.

  • Enhance intuitive and psychic gifts.

  • Gain confidence in understanding their gifts.

  • Learn to work with crystals and crystal gridding.

  • Navigate through any fears or anxieties from the unknown.

  • Explore the benefits of soul tribes with others who are gifted.

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Kids Academy

Meet your Teachers


Jill M. Jackson

Jill M. Jackson is an Author, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, and international Psychic Medium, receiving prestigious awards such as the 2016 and 2015 Psychic of the Year from Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics, and the 2014 Social Activism Award for her volunteer work with animals. She is certified through the Certified Psychic Society, which double-blind tests their psychics.

Jill is passionate about teaching others how to tap into their unique gifts. Jill is the founder of Mississippi Academy for Psychic Studies (MAPS) as well as her online school Intuitive Compass Academy. One of Jill’s special callings is teaching Psychic and Sensitive Kids to utilize their unique gifts.

Jill’s most recent award-winning book is Secrets of the Secret. Her first book Mississippi Medium from Southern Baptist to Talking to the Dead is receiving rave reviews as well! Jill is in the process of writing her 3rd book.

Contact Jill M. Jackson:


D. Francis

Daniel began his awakening in 2012 and knew it was time to explore expanded states of consciousness. He has had extrasensory psychic, mediumship, and healing gifts since childhood.

D. Francis is a certified yoga instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, and a Certified Psychic Medium.

People describe D. Francis as having natural healing energy flowing through his hands and many clients comment on the extraordinary heat emanating during Reiki sessions. The evidential mediumship demonstrated by D. Francis is over the moon extraordinary.

Through nutrition, yoga, and reiki, D. Francis successfully removed all pharmaceuticals from his body and allows natural healing, reiki, and yoga to keep his physical body in alignment.

It is his passion to help others expand and awaken to amazing possibilities within their own lives.

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